Friday, 2 September 2016

Trip prep nearly done.

Flight is booked.  Leaving Nanaimo, BC Canada On November 24th at 6am.  Quick flight to Vanvouver and a short wait to Houston, TX.  Then, after a delay of 5 hours, on to Santiago.  Arriving at 9am November 25 (Santiago time).  22 hours of travel time, which really isnt too bad considering I am using rewards points!   This will give us a little bit of time on the Friday of arrival to work on the bike purchase, and hopfully we will be done and ready for the road by November 30th!
Tested out the packing size of all my camping gear this weekend as well.   Looking pretty good, as I have it down to all fitting in one 40 litre duffel bag.  Bag includes tent, matress, sleeping bag and cookware.  Amazing to get it down to this size. 

We have pre-ordered the motorcycles from our friend Juan in Santiago and all of us have communicated back and forth trying to prep our gear.   As of now, we have 6 of us going at the beginning of the trip.  A couple riders will leave shortly after Machu Picchu and a third will leave in Colombia, where we will have a 7th person arrive and take over that bike.
   We also have our sponsors in place, and have purchased the gear and equipment we couldn't find sponsorship for.   We even have a drone!