Thursday, 16 February 2017

Feb 8 - setting sail from Cartagena

Last minute running around, packing up and checking out of the "Hotel Stil" is the order of the day.We pool some money together for the hotel staff who treated us very well, during our stay and present them with a "Propina". Then it is off to Grocery store, to pick up some snacks etc. for the trip to "Panama". The boat provides all the food, water, coffee and tea, as well as fresh fruit, but any pop, liquor, or additional snacks are your responsibility. We met our captain at the market just up from the marina. He has already cleared us for entry to the port and to leave "Colombia. Entering the dock area, all passengers belongings are searched by the police, then we are loaded into a smaller boat in groups of five and taken to the anchored sailboat, have a safety orientation, and eat dinner on deck. Up comes the anchor and off we go, cruising out of the harbour the illuminated skyline now behind us we sail into the darkness. Open ocean will be ahead of us for the next 36 hrs untill we enter the "San Blas Islands". The seas are a little rough, and I find it unerving as I slide from side to side in my bunk. The swells and winds are hitting us mostly from behind, and should continue to do so, " Captain Charlie"informs me. All are above deck, laying on bean bags and cushions, enjoying the celestial show above. Slowly everone heads to their respective quarters for the night. Al Nino

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