Friday, 3 February 2017

January 23–Banos, Ecuador

Our agenda today is pretty light. With an early start we should be at our destination by early afternoon. The ride is glorious, so many twisty's, gets the adrenaline going. The panoramic views are spectacular, terraced  mountains, green pastures, beautiful. There are a lot of rocks on the road, don't be surprised to come around a corner and find a variety of rocks in your path. Also some good sized potholes that they attempt to fill with bricks. Makes for some interesting riding though, just be cautious. Arriving at our destination, the tiny hamlet of "Banos" awaits. It is situated at the base of the volcano "Tungurahua" and surrounded by steep mountains. Lots to do here, hiking, rafting, you can rent  dune buggies also, no dunes though. There is also a natural hot springs from the volcano to soak you aches away, a freshwater waterfall enhances the moment next to the pools. It is illuminated at night, and is worth the visit. Parking our weary butts at the "Gala Hotel" very central, secure parking, reasonable as well. There's  lots of accommodations to choose from here, worth looking around. Many restaurants line the streets, and a good variety can be found to accommodate ones palate. The town is quiet, and shops close early, but I would return here again, as it was an enjoyable experience.
Al Nino

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