Monday, 27 February 2017

February 24, 2017

Awakening to the sounds of the "Howler Monkeys" is quite something. Amazing how loud they actually are, kind of eery as well, especially at 5:00 am. After breakfast I was joined by Ed and Jon, they decided to stay the day as well. Ed took a tent beside me and Jon set his own up on the grass, half the price. We set out to explore the ruins, lathered in sunscreen and bug spray. It was very hot, but we did get shade on the jungle trails which helped cool us down. Spotting the odd "Monkey" resting in the canapy above was an added bonus. "Tikal" is absolutely breathtaking, almost unimaginable, to think of the time, and effort, to build such a kingdom. There is still so much of it to be excavated, yet what has been done this far, mind boggling. We climed a "Temple" 60 meters up, sat there and looked over the canopy. There were a few other temples to be seen from this height, but most are hidden beneath the jungle. We climbed and hiked around the ruins for about 5 hrs, still not taking it all in. This is a massive "Ancient Civilization". Back at the hotel, we cooled down, and cleaned up for dinner. Nice hot showers out back of the tent area to make you feel refreshed. An early dinner tonight as it has been an exhausting day. The restaurant offers a good variety of food and beverages. Our waiter "Juan" was a delightful individual, great personality and most helpful when ordering, or asking questions about the area. We had some good laughs together "Adios "Amigo" Al Nino,

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