Wednesday, 8 February 2017

February 2, 2017 - Cartagena

The shipping office made contact, a 2:00 pm appt.has been scheduled. Things seem to be falling into place well, timing is everything here, shipping the "Motos" around the "Darien Gap" hoping to time it up with the sailboat we need to take a few days later. Off we go, papers in hand to the shipping agent. There are numerous documents to be prepared. Then it is off to the "Notary", where we are photographed and put our right forefinger on an electronic scanner, "Quatro" times. Now we are in the "Colombian" electronic data base. This will be linked to our passports, and put us permanently in the system. Now back to the agents office, more signing, and of course "Tres" copies of our
inked fingerprint. Unfortunately for Trevor he is missing a document and cannot be processed, at this time. He has until tomorrow at noon, then the agent must forward the papers to the container company "Evergreen" we will put our "Motos" in a 20 ft container to "Panama". Tuesday we will load the bikes, the police will check them and our gear, then seal the container. We are all hoping Trevor can get his paper work in time to join us. Again this took about 3 hours to complete the process. Now we must make arrangements for the sailboat that will carry us from "Cartagena" to "Panama" That will have to wait until tomorrow,  we have done enough arrangements for one "rest day."
Al Nino

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