Friday, 3 February 2017

January 31 - Cartagena

It worked out as planned, arriving into "Cartagena" early afternoon, traffic was chaotic, thought we would miss that part. Not likely. Ed and Tim went the wrong way down a one way street, a simple shortcut, hell we are from out of town. Andy and I tried the same, but when the police cruiser turned on his sirens, we were detoured back to following the rules. Getting to our destination was a challenge as some streets were not open to traffic. Eventually we met with the others, relieved to get off the bikes too. Putting on over 18,000 kilometers in approximately two months, our bikes are probably sick of us as well. John who is taking over for Tim, has just shown up, good to see him, safe and in good spirits, pretty exciting for him. Also heard from Trevor, he will be joining us tomorrow, wow, he must have been riding long days to catch up so soon. Everyone is happy to be off the bikes for awhile, and we will look into shipping arrangements "Minyana".
Al Nino

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