Sunday, 26 February 2017

February 21, 2017

"Nicaraguan" border by 7:30 am, man we are getting good at this. Today we were approached by the masses of people at the border, helpers who are looking for some income, and it can really help at times. After the fumigation of the bikes, we agreed to hire a team of interpreters, money well spent. They arranged our entrance, insurance, and handled all the paper work. Jon had a bit of an issue with his "Podor", but the guys came through and it all came together. Soon we are barreling down the highway. Driving right through "Nicaragua" and on to "Honduras" we get to the border at dark, and begin the process again. Twice in one day, we must be nuts, actually we are. After a few more hours we are through, pretty good going actually, but exhausting just the same. Now at the town of "El Paraiso" and checked into the "Hotel Isis" a pretty budget dwelling. Ed was blessed with an electrical fire in his room. Nothing like the smell of electrical wires melting to help you relax. He eventually moved to another room. All was quiet until they started their backup generator for power. That didn't last too long, think they ran out of fuel. No power for the rest of the night, but no more fires as well. Another day in the life of a "Panamerican Rider". Al Nino

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