Friday, 3 February 2017

January 24–Ibarra, Ecuador

Today we will ride as far as the city of "Ibarra". It will get us reasonably close to the "Colombian" border. Getting to the border early will be a priority, as to avoid long delays. Checking in to the "Hotel Madrid", a very reasonably priced establishment, basic, no frills, but has secure parking for our "motos". This has always played a key factor when choosing accommodations, as it is easy to have your bike stolen.The group seems a little weary,  tough riding today, and we experienced some cooler temps and rain. Meeting for an early dinner, then shopping for stickers for the bikes. Throughout all of Ecuador we did not find any stickers. 
Someone should get on that bandwagon, it was a painful experience. Retiring early, as we will head for the border at 7:00 am.
Al Nino

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