Friday, 3 February 2017

January 27 & 28, 2017

Thought the roads in Ecuador were great. Nothing compares to the roads we are traveling on today. Super twisty high mountain roads, lush dense vegetation, waterfalls, awesome. Columbia is a very beautiful country, my favorite so far. Clean and such a tropical feel, it does however take a long time to accomplish any distance. If you get behind a line of trucks in the mountains it will really slow progress, although passing on the shoulder is permitted, plan it well or off the edge you go. I think we have all learned a new way to drive our "Motos". Easy rule, there aren't any. Pretty simple to comprehend. It did take us over seven hours to put just over 250 Kilometers behind us. A good indication of the roads we travelled today. Exhausting ride,but all arrived safe to Medellin. Here we will also stay another day, as maintenance has to be done, and a rest day is much needed. The plan is to visit the "Assassin's Cradle" the birthplace of  "Pablo Escobar", it is also the area he recruited all of his hit men.
Al Nino

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