Thursday, 16 February 2017

February 9,2017

Seas are still pretty rough, our boat "Wild Card" seems to be taking on the challenge. It is 3 am and I am awakened by a loud thump, Tim has just been tossed on the floor from his lower bunk, along with some of his gear. Looking through my window beside my bunk, I can see the whitecaps form on the swells in the moonlight. Wedging myself in so I don't end up like me "Amigo", it seems we are in for a rough ride. I can see the helm from my bunk, and watch the wheel being controlled by the auto pilot. The first mate is doing his rounds while the captain sleeps. At one point some of the "Galley" items are thrown about, a reminder of just how rough it is. In and out of sleep, dawn is upon us now making the swells appear even larger. Nothing but Ocean in every direction, tomorrow morning we will drop anchor. Al Nino

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