Wednesday, 22 February 2017

February 17, 2017

Right on que, it is off to "Colon" we go. It is an exiting day for us, we are all ready to ride and continue our journey. At the "Evergreen Terminal" we are given bad news, our container is delayed by another day. We can't beleive what they are telling us. Our shipping broker in  "Cartagena" did not email us till we arrived at the terminal. A little late, and the person behind the counter says come back on Monday. Blood pressure rises, we have now been delayed five days. Explaining to them that is not acceptable, and demanding some sort of guaranteed time frame. We are assured the container will be in port by this evening, and we can pick them up tomorrow mornning. Fortunately for us, we were given our "Bill of Lading" so we could start the process of importation at the "Aduana" get insurance and be ready for tomorrow. This process only took about six hours to complete. Almost as painful as a tooth extraction. With paperwork in hand it is back to "Panama City" for us. We will repeat the process tomorrow morning, and should get our bikes from the container. There's the issue of another days "Car rental and Hotel costs", fortunately we all have insurance for trip delays. Al Nino

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