Sunday, 26 February 2017

February 19, 2017. Costa Rica

It is best to be at the border crossings early, and we are getting pretty good at it so far. Getting out of "Panama" was smooth, even with the electronic fingerprint scans and photos. "Costa Rica" so close we can taste it. First we visit "Imigration", no problem, then off to get "Insurance", no problem, then off to the "Aduana" to import the bikes. Suddenly our world falls apart, we are blessed to run into the most arrogant person one can imagine. I like to refer to him as "Mr. Grande Pinchazo". He totally was rude, made fun of us and caused us grief beyond belief. He would not accept our ownership papers for our bikes. Funny how the other seven countries we visited did, with no issues. We were basically forced to hire a "Lawyer" to endorse documents for us that the papers were real, and to make things worse it was a Sunday. This guy made our entrance into "Costa Rica" a living hell, and he enjoyed it. We have all decided to write to his superiors and make formal complaints. Also have him on video, so no guessing who we are talking about, and will forward a picture as well. This person should not be in the position he is in, and is an embassment to the country of "Costac Rica". After another five hours we were good to go, we travelled as far as the seaside town of "Jaco" and we will camp close to the "Nicaraguan" border tomorrow.  Al Nino

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