Tuesday 7 March 2017

March 1, 2017

Awakening to a beautuful day, going to be a great ride into "Puerto Vallarta". Highway 200 is a definite blast, lots of twisty's to keep you on the edge of your seat. Arriving early in the day, and continuing on to the "Rosita Hotel" to meet with Doug the town is bustling. As I get close I hear someone yelling at me, there is my "Amigo" Doug on the street, and Andy is with him. I park my bike in the hotel lobby, along with a few other bikes, lots of room, not invasive to other guests. Doug checks me into his room, and then it is pool time. Looking forward to some down time off the bike. Lots of kilometers this past week. Doug has an extended family in "P.V" really nice people, who return every year and have for many years. It was a real pleasure meeting them, and they made us feel most welcome. Thanks to, Olden, Jack, Doug, Norm, Colleen, Darryl, Bill, Richard, Corrine, Jeff,and Roma for your hospitality. Earlier I had made arrangements to have a new chain put on the bike. Dropping my "moto" off at "Comoto Honda, Puerto Vallarta" just a few kilometers away, and will pick it up tomorrow. Taking a cab back to the hotel was an experience, bouncing around on the cobblestone streets, they must, have suspension issues with their vehicles. The rest of the day was laid back and we will meet for dinner. Dougs choice, and ribs it is, sounds delightful. Al Nino

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