Monday 13 March 2017

March 12, 2017

"San Francisco" here we come. That is our riding goal for today. Waiting a little for the sun to warm things up, and burn off some foggy patches that grace the highway, we lube our chains, check the oil etc. Down the road we go, not too much traffic, it is still early Sunday morning. That doesn't last too long, the masses are out in full force in a few hours. As long as we stay in the right lane things will be just fine. The tiny "Motos" don't qualify for the left lane, they are too slow, and everyone here drives incredibly fast. Cutting through the landscape like a serpent, the scenery from the highway is beautiful, and we also encounter many large vineyards and farms along our route. Making it just to the outskirts of "San Francisco", we opt to get off the road and will head into the city first thing tomorrow morning. Al Nino

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