Tuesday 7 March 2017

March 4, 2017

The ship was pretty busy by 6:00 am, passengers walking about, going outside for their wake up breath of fresh air. Over coffee we agreed on how little sleep we had as well, even though we tried different areas of the ship. Andy, outside on an air mattress. Jon and I on random couches, and Scott on the floor of the rear T.V. lounge area. Oh well, ferries are noisy, no matter what time it is, although it was pretty quiet between 2:00 am and 6:00 am. Docked and departing the ferry by 9:30, we must pay a fee of "87 Pesos" per bike at security, then to the military clearance zone we go for inspection and passports. Thumbs up, we all head down the road and into "La Paz". Jon and Scott will have their chains replaced asap. We locate a shop and things get underway. After some discussion, Scott is heading to the town of "Todos Santos" this afternoon, his brother lives there, and will rejoin Jon and myself in "La Paz" tomorrow. We will be getting supplies for camping and catching up on some much needed rest. Andy was going to see the whales in "San Ignacio", we will meet up with him at a later date. The bikes were ready to go by 2:00 pm. Scott hit the road, and Jon and I went about our business, then checked ourselves into a hotel. Looking forward, to getting things organized, hot showers, food and sleep. Al Nino

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