Sunday 19 March 2017

March 16, 2017

It is a cold morning, but the rain has stopped, the sun is rising, looks promising. On the road early, it is chilly, but we are dry, wont be long and we will be in "Portland". Both Jon and myself have things to do there, so we take a few hours to accomplish them, then it's back on the road. So far so good, no moisture, although the clouds are building. It has been a cold day of riding, but we are determined to reach our goal. Entering the "Olympic Peninsula" and joining up with "Highway 101" again, we go through a small pocket of rain. The shower lasted about 10 minutes, then we were back to dry roads. Accomplishing the goal of making it to "Port Angeles" was a great feeling or us, and we booked our passage on the "Coho", for the first sailing in the morning, immediately after we checked into the hotel. Tomorrow we will be home. Al Nino

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