Sunday 19 March 2017

March 17, 2017

It's 5:30 am, and we begin the process of packing our bikes, last time for awhile. The hotel offers us a free breakfast, which we enjoy prior to our departure. Down the road, "Ferry Terminal" in sight,we are ready to embark on this final leg of the journey. "Alaska" is the next leg, but will have to wait till late spring, after some bike repairs are completed, and we all get together again. Our plan is coming together nicely, boarding the ferry, on time, on the targeted day, perfect. All we have to do is relax, and enjoy the sailing across the straits. Now with "Victoria" in our sights we become a little anxious, perfectly normal, considering the length of time we have been away from loved ones. Exiting the ferry, with the first wave of cars, we are directed through customs, and must "Import" the motos. An hour later we are on our way. Stopping for a coffee, and to put on extra gear, we meet people who are most interested in our trip. The "Chilean" license plate, a dead giveaway. After some interesting conversations, it's time to bury the last 100 kilometers in the odometer. Jon and I parted ways in "Ladysmith" and will soon be with our families. It has been a great adventure, 27,430 kilometers and "15 countries in 113 days", but it is sure nice to be home. Al Nino


  1. Glad to see you made it home safely. My friend Doug and I had the pleasure of sharing a breakfast with you in Ensenada. Best wishes. (two guys on NC700Xs at El Rey de Sol Hotel).