Monday 13 March 2017

March 9, 2017

Having a nice ride through "Ensenada", this morning, amazing how you see different parts of a town when you are lost. Eventually we get to the bike shop. "Honda Optima" and are greeted by Daniel Villalobos. He is the go to guy there, he took really good care of us, our tires were on in no time, and we even left with some gifts from him. After a photo shoot outside, we left to do a little riding and break in the new tires. Then back to the hotel to deal with the "Insurance Binder". After several hours of talking on the phone and scanning documents etc. I was holding my binder in hand. Jon and Scott will hopefull have theirs by morning, as Ed and Tim must talk to the insurer and pay on their end because they own the bikes. No plans for the evening, just take it easy, as we leave early tomorrow, and cross into the "United States".Al Nino

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