Tuesday 7 March 2017

March 3, 2017

At it early, I say my goodbyes to Doug and off I go. Planning on taking another route to "Mazatlan" my decision is altered as the new route seems cluttered with slow moving vehicles, due to roadwork. I turn back and take the more direct route to "Tepic" and continue on to "Highway 15d, which is a direct route into "Mazatlan". As I am heading down highway 15d, Scott and Jon appear in my rear view mirrors, they are coming from "Guadalajara", talk about timing, or sheer coincidence. Glad to see each other again, we rode together for awhile, then parted, only to meet at the "Ferry " later on. The "Baha Ferry" procedures differ from ours some what. First you check in with security, then pick up your ticket at the ticket office, then drive to the military checkpoint, where drug dogs and soldiers check you out. Then drive to the holding area, where you load after the cars, inside and up a ramp you go, to one side and strap your bikes down with tiedowns. Anticipating rough seas, or just being prepared. Then up the stairs, it's passport and ticket time again. Really!! Maybe their giving out a prize to a passenger who shows their passport the most in 3 hours. It was smooth sailing so far, nice ship, with some cabins, lounge area, and big sleeper seats. Pretty tired after riding, and all the ferry procedures, we will see how much sleep we catch during the 13 hour voyage. Al Nino

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