Sunday 19 March 2017

March 13, 2017

The "Golden Gate Bridge" will be one of the bigger highlights of today's ride. Then we plan on taking the coastal route "Highway 1", to "Crescent City" a longer route, but defintley more scenic. Getting through the early morning city traffic definitely keeps you on your game. Finally the road opens up, through the tunnels we go and there she is. Majestic, towering over us, we hit the centre lane, and on goes the helmet cams. Hundreds of pedestrians are walking the bridge, "Alcatraz" to my right, this is a great day indeed. Stopping on the far side of the bridge for photos, and enjoying the views of the bay and city. You can appreciate the views of the bridge from here as well, what an engineering marvel. Onwards we go down "Highway 101" then connect with "Highway 1", unfortunately part of the highway has been closed due to landslides. We are detoured for several miles, but eventually reconnect at "Stinson Beach", nice twisty road down the mountain. Now cruising up "1", the views of the coast beautiful, cool sea air, and really twisty road. What more could a motorcyclist ask for. Enjoying the ride, stopping for photos, and meeting the locales.Taking a break in the village of "Jenner", it is here we part ways with Scott. Jon and I are eager to get home, Scott has a different schedule than ours, seeyou back in "Canada". He continues on "1", we take "Highway "116" to "Santa Rosa", reconnect with "101", and continue north to"Laytonville" where we stay the night.Al Nino

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