Tuesday 7 March 2017

March 2, 2017

Another day of relaxation, reorganization, and laundry. Dropped laundry off a the "Lavanderia", they washed and folded all my clothes, except my bathing suit, which I was wearing. Total for "3 kilos of laundry" 42 pesos, that's $2.75 Canadian dollars, what a deal. After lunch, I went to get the bike, and was most impressed. The staff and service was exceptional, right on time and my bike was washed as well. Off I go back to the hotel teeth chattering, on the cobble stones, but most happy to have my bike serviced. Andy headed up north to meet some friends, and stay the night. I will stay one more night with Doug, and will meet up with Scott, Jon, and Andy in "Mazatlan" tomorrow, where we will take the ferry to "LaPaz" on the "Baja". Back at the hotel, taking in the last moments of the sun, we are entertained by a musician. His name, "Vallarta Cowboy" this man is a total entertainment package. He could be a stand up comic, a very funny individual with great songs, and stories. It will be an early night tonight, as I must get to "Mazatlan" by early afternoon to board the ferry. Arrival time at the terminal is "Tres" hours before departure, for processing, security etc, and is a requirement of "Baja Ferries" Al Nino

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