Monday 13 March 2017

March 10, 2017

"Adios Ensenada" it has been nice, but the border beckons us. Only two more borders to cross till we are home. Great day to ride, sunny, fresh ocean air, to clear the cobwebs between the ears. A quick 100 kilometers or so and the border is ours. Unfortunatley for us, we missed the "Aduana" on the Mexican side of the border to export the bikes. Realizing this as we were about to enter into the U.S.A we had to go back into Mexico and export the bikes out of the country. Then it's back to the U.S.A again. Just a little hiccup, no big deal, we get to the front of the line of traffic again, in minutes, lane splitting, is very effective. This border crossing has to be one of the easier ones I have encountered over the past 3 months. Now cruising down the road, we will go as far as "San Mateo" where we will camp at the State Park. Arriving just before sunset, we set up, eat and enjoy a great nights sleep under the star filled sky. Al Nino

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