Sunday 19 March 2017

March 14, 2017

Foggy morning, bikes are soaked with moisture, looks like the wait is on. Waiting to drive, while the fog lifts, we decide it's a good time to change sparkplugs, and check things over. Rolling over 26,000 kilometers on this little machine in 3.5 months, amazing, talk about a testing ground. Unfortunately a few days ago while in California Andy's bike packed it in. Again, another true test of man and machine, we have put these bikes through hell. It has been a test, both physicaly and mentally for all riders involved on this adventure. Now time to roll, Jon and I will ride up the "101", drive through the "Redwoods" and end up in "Crescent City".The ride falls into place nicely, but temperatures are cooler, next to the water, and dense forest. Stopping for gas and food in "Crescent", we are pretty cold. Change of plan, no more "101", we opt for the "199" through to "Grants Pass" Oregon. Nice road for a bike, and it will connect us to the "I-5", hopefully warmer and drier. Riding till almost dark we stop in "Roseburg" for the evening. Jon gets us a military discount on our room, nice touch to end the day. "Portland" is on our radar for tomorrow. Al Nino

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