Monday 13 March 2017

March 7, 2017

Fresh coffee, piping hot oatmeal, what a way to start the day after a great nights sleep. Full of energy and ready to get at it, we break camp, and continue on our way north. Not knowing how far we will get today, but we intend to push on as much as possible. "Ensenada" is over 800 kilometers away so it is doubtful we will make it there in one shot. Road conditions, wind, and day light hours, all big factors , and play a big role in our progress. We have been experiencing strong headwinds for a good part of the ride so far today, defintley putting us behind. It is very tiring, and slows our "Poquito Motos" down substantially. Grabbing a bite and coffee in the town of "Guerrero Negro" we make a plan for the rest of the ride today. We will get fuel at the "Pemex" station in "Villa Jesus Maria". There is no fuel after that for 325 kilometers, except for one stop at the 200 kilometer mark where you can buy fuel out of a barrel. Riding till almost dark we get to the village of " Catavina" and check into the hotel, only one there, nice place and very spacious rooms, Jon opted for the floor, so he got the good guy deal. Tired and cold it will be an early night for us, and "Ensenada" is on our radar for tomorrow.  Al Nino

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