Monday 13 March 2017

March 8, 2017

Another beautiful sunrise, awakens the desert. The scenery that surrounds us in this region is outstanding.  After a quick coffee we take to the road, not a big ride today, so we can slow it down a notch. Great day for pictures, even do a little off roading for some snaps. Jon is happy, he loves gravel, dust and potholes, being the off road enthusiast that he is. By mid afternoon we are entering the city of "Ensenada", where we will arrange to have tires changed and get a little down time before the final push home. We bunk down at the "El Ray Sol" hotel, nice place, I have stayed here before a number of years ago. Good parking for the "Motos", with security. The town is bustling with cruise ship passengers, lots of smiling faces from both passenger and shopkeeper. The streets, clean and tidy, the aroma of fresh cooked food fills the night air. We opt for an early dinner then hit the sheets. Lots to do tomorrow, get tires and arrange for an "Insurance Binder" from "I.C.B.C" to get us through the "USA" to home.Al Nino

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