Monday 13 March 2017

March 5,2017

Our stay at the "One Hotel" in"La Paz" has been an enjoyable experience. A very clean establishment, that also offers you a complimentary breakfast, has a rooftop pool, lounging area, and great views of the city from there. Also a washer and dryer that are for guest usage. Scott made contact this morning, and is having his carbeurtor worked on, he has been halving stalling issues, and must be rectified. Agreeing to meet him at 12:30 p.m. in "La Paz", we will head north and see where we end up. Upon Scotts arrival he picks up a few last minute items, and off we go. The plan was to make it as far as "Loreto", but darkness is working against us, as we had a late start. Camping is still on the agenda, and we have been told of a campground near "Insurgenties" a small town south of "Loreto". Not being able to locate the campground on "gps", either it is not up and running anymore, or we have missed it in the darkness. We pull into a petrol station and ask the attendant for assistance. He graciously offers us to set up camp behind the station in a field, for free, "bonus". He assures us it is safe, there are lots of trucks parked, while the truckers sleep. Being dark, cold, and tired, it didn't take much convincing for us to stay. First time for everything we thought. Camp was set up quickly, and we cooked dinner the same. Lights out, was soon to follow, nothing like a good nights sleep in a tent, below the stars, and breathing in the cool desert air. Al Nino

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