Monday 13 March 2017

March 6, 2017

The morning air crisp, the sunrise beautiful, so many birds foraging amongst the desert foliage. Amazing the abundance of life the desert holds. Excited to get going early, as we want to visit "Loreto" today, then continue to the small coastal town of "Mulaje" where we will camp for the night. All goes as planned, great ride amongst the "Cacti" clad roads, beautuful scenery, just an awesone day. Arriving at our campsite early, we took advantage of the hot showers, ate dinner, and enjoyed the sunset. Darkness falls upon us rapidly, the desert air is chilly, and the winds have picked up. Sounds like the perfect recipe to retire to our comfortable little dwellings, for the night. All is well in the "Baja". Al Nino

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