Monday, 12 December 2016

Back to Argentina Dec10

Gravel, potholes, high winds, that is the menu of the day. Enthusiastically onwards we go, today will be another test of motorcycle skills. It is very windy, at one point in the high mountain pass, Tim and myself almost get blown off the road. Gear down, high revs, look where you want to go, made it. A few hours later we come to a fork in the road. Left to Chile Chico or Right to Cochrane Chile. Right it is, as today we will once again cross into Argentina. We travel beside a river so blue in color, amazing. We will soon be entering Valle Chacabulco,
a vĂ lley untouched by humans, except for a tiny single lane road. Here we witness wild herds of Juanaco's grazing. They look like Llamas, occasionally they run across the road in front of us. Condors fly overhead amongst the rocky peaks, wild flowers scent the air, wow. Now we approach the Cochrane Border. The Border Guards, were the best ever. As they made the group fresh Nescafe while we were being processed. A very remote outpost, think they enjoyed the company. We even had a photo shoot. Onwards to Argentina we go, we breeze through and continue on. After about 4 more hours of the worst road ever, we pull off at a gas stop, store and hostel. With the Hostel being closed, actually derelict, we make arrangements to set up camp in the owners yard for 50 Argentinian Pesos. It is very windy and cold. Darkness sets in, we quickly set up, cook and crawl into our tents, for some well deserved rest.
Al Nino

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  1. Wow ! You guys are having quite the adventure. So enjoying reading all the details. Happy and Safe travels all :)