Thursday, 15 December 2016

December 11, 2016 Argentina Pampa

                         Sun rises, we break camp early, best to hit the road before the winds pick up. The Argentinian Desert gets very windy by early afternoon, so we want to get as many Klm's in quickly. We leave route 40 and go onto route 20, as we will be heading to the Puerto Moreno Glacier tomorrow. Again we run into more gravel, I know how the group is feeling, a little discouraged as we were hoping the gravel would be behind us for awhile. Oh well, our choice is simple, no choice, push on Amigos.  After a long day in the saddle we get to the small town of Tres Lagos, the skies darken, rain starts to moisten this baron landscape. We decide to stop and check into the "Hosteria Tres Lagos", good move on our part. First thing is shower detail, again another good move. Smelling like humans again we hit the town. Finding a quaint little establishment complete with a Foosball table, Pool table and a Television, with a match being played. We are entertained by the crowd of about eight Gouchos. Cowboy Argentinians, really nice  guys, as well as the owner, who was the bartender,his wife who was the chef. With a seating capacity of about 16, it was basically a packed house after we arrived. We had a wonderful time, great home cooked fare and many laughs despite the language barrier. We said our farewells and hit the sheets for some well deserved rest.
Al Nino

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