Thursday, 15 December 2016

Dec 12, 2016 Back into Chile “again”

Up early the group meets in the hostels eating area. Fresh Croissants, and Nescafe await. Really can't figure out the coffee situation. It would be a pleasure to indulge in a cup of fresh brew. We make use of the wifi, we have been out of touch with no cell service and wifi for days, time to catch up. Our target is an 8:30 start. Packed up, of we go, it is cold and windy already. You have to dress for the cold here or you will freeze on the bike. Today we will hit the town of El Calafate, then on to Perito Moreno Glacier. During this leg, three riders run out of fuel, we have all been on reserve for quite some time. John at 30k, Andy at 10k
and Tim at 4k from town. Ed gives his fuel up to Cash so he can make it. Miraculously I make it in, most likely on fumes. I run into a nice couple from Germany, the same couple we keep running into at gas stations everywhere we stop. They offer to help by putting fuel  bottles in their car and giving me a lift to replenish fuel to everyone. Saving the day. I was dreading carrying fuel and reversing my steps in the cold and wind. Riding in the vehicle was almost euphoric, as I was frozen to the bone. Our heartfelt thanks goes out  to Ralph and his girlfriend  for their kindness and support. Hope they visit us in Canada someday. Our doors are open to them.The group is together again at the fuel stop. Then off to the Glacier, we are humbled by the size, sounds, and beauty, of this amazing living ice flow. "WOW"
Al Nino


  1. Sounds like your Adventure is becoming just that. SO happy you are finding nice people to help you out of some of the dilemmas. Loving the stories and the pics.
    Thinking of you all and hoping you are enjoying your trip xoxoxo

  2. OK, time to update your posts more frequently to make sure your keeping out of trouble. Still receiving the "Check-in SPOT" messages daily but want to make sure they're actually being sent by you guys...would hate to think you're back up the road hitch-hiking in your underwear after your bikes got rustled while some banditos are playing tourists.