Saturday, 24 December 2016

La Posta, Azul

Today the ride will still be around 500 kilometers, not too bad with an early start. Our drive was slightly delayed, we went to fuel up, but no gas. Three stations later, no gas. Lucky for us we found gas about 40 kilometers up the road, good thing, as we were all on our reserve tanks at this point. Arriving in Azul later in the day, we drove through the town to find a house where the owner will put up motorcyclists for the night. He has been doing this for 20 plus years. We found our haven,  called "La Posta del Viajero en Moto". It was absolutely fantastic, nice place to pitch your tents, secure, quiet too. They even had Flamingos in the yard. We were treated wonderfully, and would like to thank Jose and his wife, as well as their daughter Penny for making us feel most welcome. They have a book for people to sign and write a note, most interesting reading. Motorcyclists from all over the world have stopped here. I definitely recommend it.
Al Nino

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