Saturday, 24 December 2016

Heading North, final Chile exit

Check out noon, nice to sleep in for a change. Everyone went out to buy groceries for camping, and pick up their bike. Now we burn it to the Border, hope all works out. The Memo vs Law issue explained in an earlier blog concerns the group. If they do not let us through, we will have to backtrack hundreds of  kilometers. Following Andy's lead, everyone pretended to not know a single word of Spanish. The frustrated guards, were trying to explain that foreigners are not allowed to take the moto's out of Chile. Even though this was our fourth time on this trip of doing just that. Makes no sense. "Hurray" off we go ...Adios Chile, we will not be crossing back again on this trip. We will adjust our plans accordingly. Heading north, and putting in just over 500 kilometers this day, we pull into the small town of Comandante Luis Piedra Buena, Provincia de Santa Cruz. Here we camp for the night at the Camping Isla Pavon. This campground is located on an Island  surrounded by the river on both sides. Nice and quiet  as there were only a few other campers there. Everyone chows down, then off to bed for some well deserved rest.
Al Nino

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