Monday, 12 December 2016

Border attempt 2 Dec 5

Ferry docks, ramp comes down, we are the first off, this is a good thing as there are many other cars and a bus. If that bus makes it to the border crossing before us we will be waiting forever. It has a soccer team on it and will take hours to process. Really rough gravel road, we are out in front on our bikes which are made for these conditions. Shortly we arrive at the border crossing.
In we go, processed and out the door, can't believe it. Andy had researched this, and was dead on. Depends on the border can you believe it. Now we head down the road a little ways to enter Argentina, You must exit Chile at one crossing and enter Argentina at another  We were delayed as Ed did forget to bring his reciprocity paper with him. This is a paper you need to enter into Argentina with and we also charge this fee to Argentinians when they come to Canada. You can only get this online with your payment. Don't offer them cash, won't work. He is told he must go back to Chile and get the paperwork. Cash offers to go with him which was a comfort , he speaks the language well. Andy and I offered to wait, while John and Tim continued on to San Martin de Los Andes, we will meet there. Ed and Cash return, paperwork done, Ed is now allowed to enter, let's go boys. Hold it, not so fast Gringos. The authorities inform Cash he must exit Chile and re enter Chile before he is allowed to enter back into Argentina. See you Cash, Ed  had offered to wait. So Andy and I head to town.
We all eventually meet up in San Martin de Los Andes. All our delays had really put us behind, so Bariloche Argentina will have to wait until tomorrow. Tired and hungry we check into the Hotel Caupolican. This hotel was absolutely beautiful, definitely dated, but was rich in character. Elegant in her day with spiral stairs , huge common areas on each floor, even an elevator that you had to open a wooden door to access, then close, as well as another door inside to make it work. Max 3 persons. This night was short, a quick meal, off to bed. Tomorrow Bariloche!!  And away we go, the ride to Bariloche is stunning, winding roads, beautiful lakes, high mountains, scenery to die for. We arrive in Bariloche early as we only had to pull off about 200km. Nice short ride, gives us time to get some laundry done
and acquire our insurance for Argentina,  Paraguay,  Bolivia, and Peru. We need to do a few bike repairs and then we will treat ourselves tonight at a great steak restaurant After today we head to Futaleufu,  there we will check out of Argentina and back into Chile, to ride the Carretera Austral, one of the most beautiful roads in the world. Rough and enduring, but well worth it. Riding to Futaleufu was challenging for the group, as we took a short cut through the mountains, pretty rough. We made it, a little shaken, but safe. Tonight a river side campground, perfect.
Al Nino

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