Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Buenos Aires Day 1

Up and at it early, our appointment at the bike shop is scheduled for 9 am. All hombres accounted for, here we go. Weaving through the traffic, and arriving at our destination on time, amazing, nothing like a white knuckle ride to start the day. There were at least another half dozen motorcyclists waiting for service as well. Apparently this is an everyday occurrence, with so many moto's in the city, and being the quickest above ground mode of transportation. The shop was well organized, bustling, the mechanics had our bikes up on the lifts in no time. We were told to come back around 1:00 pm. Seis motos, Doce tires to change, fresh synthetic oil, chains cleaned, lubed and adjusted. They were àll done by 12:00pm, talk about excellent service.
Thanks to "Avant Motos" Servicio Tecnico and Repuestos-Acceserios for there help with getting our bikes road ready in such a "Pequena" time frame.  Now  the thrilling ride back to the hotel. All accounted for and safely tucked away underground. Time for laundry detail, and some downtime. I can catch up on the blog, while Andy filters through video footage. The group will meet later for dinner and beverages. Outside dining at it's best, as there is an endless supply of outdoor eateries.
Al Nino

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