Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Dec 22–into Buenos Aires

Our ride today is short, takes us about an hour to get from the campground to our hotel. The traffic is mind boggling. The only way to get through is to lane split, weave your way through traffic, like a snake. Quickness is the key here, no second guessing your move, or you will be cut off, and find yourself suddenly riding on the sidewalk. Best bet is to ride like the other motorcyclists. Insanely crazy, they are the true masters of the road. If we rode like that at home, we would all lose our licences. I often wonder what the road test must be like to get your license here in the first place. Check in at the hotel was smooth, very helpful staff. We are allowed to put the moto's underground in a secure area. This was most interesting, as you must operate a lift, very similar to an elevator. Three bikes max at a time. You call the lift, a gate drops, you drive on, gate closes, and  down you go. Lift stops, gate drops and off you go. Reversing the process on your way up. Our rooms were a welcome site. Clean with real beds and fresh linen, no more air mattresses for awhile. Showered and clean, everyone goes their seperate ways for most of the remainder of the day. Tim, John and Andy scout out tires, we need to replace them, and make arrangements to have that done tomorrow. Taking advantage of this downtime, to service the bikes is a must, new tires, fresh oil, chains cleaned and lubed. Later we meet in the lobby, set out to eat and discuss tomorrow's plans.
Al Nino

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