Saturday, 24 December 2016

Trying to beat the winds

Today, Cash and Ed pull out around 6:00am.John, Tim, Andy and myself about 7:00 am. Our friend was ahead of us already, but blowing mildly at this point. Priority today, put on as many kilometers as quickly as possible. The further north we go, the winds begin to die down, what a pleasant thought. Our plan seemed to be working. Within a few hours we all met at another fuel stop, so far so good. Everyone was grinning, positive,and most eager to ride. Compared to yesterday's  Road from Hell, this is a welcome change. The winds are slowing, the warm desert sun soothing.
After brief discussions, our goal will be to reach "Peninsula La Valdes", Chubut, Argentina. It is a total of 700 kilometers to ride, and under the current conditions totally possible. We arrived at our destination early evening. Here we will enter the National Park and camp at the seaside village of "Punta Piramide". On the way we stop at the visitor center, we acquire maps and get a brief orientation. Tomorrow we will ride through the park to "Caleta Valdes" and onto "Punta Delgata", and will witness "Orcas" that beach themselves to grab seals off the beach before sliding back into the water. There are also "Penguins" so it should make for an interesting day. We pitch our tents on the sand, all is good. The stars are shining brightly tonight. Everyone is looking forward to tomorrows adventure. It has been a great day.
Al Nino

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