Saturday, 24 December 2016

Battling wind

We wake to the calming sounds of our new friend. The Wind, never have I experienced  so much of it. Non stop, day in , day out, and wears you down quickly when riding. Our goal today is to reach Caleta de Olivia, a small coastal town, looking forward to it, off we go. Not  long into the ride the winds pick up with great intensity.  We struggle forward for about two hours, and pull into a fuel stop. Parking the bikes was a challenge as they can fall over in the gusts. Ed's bike was blown over the day prior, broke his clutch lever. Thankfully it was duct taped back on until we found a replacement lever. The group grabs some food and drink, and relief from the wind. The area we are going through is considered to be one of the most windy places on the planet. They are called "Lazonda Winds" and usually are most intense  between 12 to 6 pm. Speeds can reach up to 200 kilometers per hour. Looks like it is goung to be a white knuckle afternoon of riding. Back on the bikes conditions worsen, side winds hammer us, dust and sand blow across the highway, sometimes making the road vanish. Progress is slow, a struggle to keep the bikes upright. We are riding at about a 60 degree angle constantly,swaying back and forth. There is no place to stop, you just have to keep going. After the 400 kilometer mark and many hours of riding we pull into the small village of  Fitz Roy. We get three Cabanas and seek shelter, tomorrow's plan. Leave early, try to beat the winds.
Al Nino

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