Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Christmas Eve

"Christmas Eve Day", means that we all have to be punctual as we go about our tasks today. Most shops and services will close early, just like back home in Canada. Andy, Ed and myself decide to check out an area of town called "La Boca" one of the first Port areas in Buenos Aries. Rich in culture, it is an artistic paradise. Brightly colored buildings, painted with murals, have statues that adorn the balconies and doorways of an era gone by. Many restaurants line the streets, and feature the erotic "Tango". Watching the men and women dancing the "Tango" is a wonderful experience. Many a souvenir can be purchased here as well. Even in this busy part of town, the shopkeepers are winding things up early, by 2:00 pm we decide to hail a cab, and check out a bookstore that used to be an Opera House. Simply amazing. The streets are starting to empty, time to pick up groceries, off we go. Tonight Tim, John and myself have decided to take in a theatrical dinner show. Called "Madero Tango Valver Magial", It was spectacular, three course meal, endless vino, stunning stage show, and complimentary pick up and drop off at the hotel. Ed and Cash rode the empty streets, and Andy decided to do more film editing. "Christmas Eve", Buenos Aires style.
Al Nino



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