Saturday, 24 December 2016

Getting warmer

One more sleep till we hit the city of around 14.2 million people. With only about 350 kilometers to pull off over the next two days, should be a breeze. Off we go, onwards to the coast. Here we will camp just outside of Buenos Aires, then a short ride in the next day. We have a reservation over the holidays at the "Riva  Urban Lofts". After a fun filled short 300 kilometers we stop at the Campground Bahia. The owner gives us all lapel pins and tiny Argentinian flags. We trade him stickers and cards as well. He seemed most anxious to follow our journey. Nice quiet campground with a store to replenish supplies and next to a wonderful beach. Tomorrow," Buenos Aires" for some well deserved rest and relaxation. Over 8,000 kilometers on the bikes in three weeks of riding. Ouch!!
Al Nino

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