Monday, 12 December 2016

Border attempt 1 Dec 4

Although the Border crossing at Paso Manuil Malal is not far from Pucon, we are on the road early as rain is in the forecast. We arrive at the Border after about a 40 minute ride. Crossing is quite a process, lots of paper work, not like at home where you jusr breeze through with your passport. After about an hour there, we are told we can't bring our bikes out of Chile and into Argentina as we are foreigners. Apperantly a Government Memo had been sent out to the crossings, and even though it is not an actual Law, it is how they interpret it. Disappointed we are turned around. Plan #2 comes into play. We will try another more remote crossing further south. Heading that direction we are caught in severe weather conditions. Raining so hard at times, we have to exit the road and seek shelter under whatever we can find. After several hours of this we arrive at the town of Panguipulli and check into Hostel "La Casita Del Centro". We were greeted by Lucy Berrocal Urra, a very pleasant lady, who made our stay there an enjoyable experience. Warm, well fed and rested, we are off the next morning to a Ferry at Puerto Fuy that crosses a lake, takes about 1.5 hrs. Soon we will try the remote border crossing on the other side. If rejected there, we will have to camp on the beach area as no other ferry will arrive till the next  day in the afternoon. We have prepared ourselves for this, all is good and spirits remain high.
Al Nino

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