Friday, 2 December 2016

more flights

Oh yeah after a great rest in Houston Airport , some food, a couple of cold ones, and a lot of laughs, probably induced by a tremendous lack of sleep, we have boarded our flight to Santiago.  Great aircraft, and not completely full . Andy and Tim were a little further back on the plane. I was in another section and as chance would have it, I met a fellow who is running rafting tours in Southern Chile for their summer months. Well and on top of that he is from Medford Oregon, can you believe it. Told him about Beatty Oregon , how Andy has property there and about all the friends we have there. His name is Tyler and also runs tours in  Oregon.  Bang on with our upcoming Tour Company. We exchanged cards and I told him I would introduce him to the group when we land. An announcement came on saying the cabin doors were locked so, I scoped out the plane seating arrangement.
Yes there is room to move. Just to be clear the move was a go,I turned and gave Tim and Andy the signal, they smiled so I took that as acceptance. Really must go to the Dr. when I get back and get my middle finger looked at.  Tyler was for the move, now he has two seats to himself , so do I, cool. Gonna be a good 9.5 .  Things are pretty quiet , not surprising , later flight and American Thanksgiving as well. Glad to be on the final leg of  our flights. Been a long day, but also a fun day. We are all pretty good at making the best of everything we come across. Adaptability and positively are the key.

Santiago Flight
We were served a very nice meal, Chicken, Rice,  Vegetables, and a free beverage of our choice. Nice touch to the evening. Everyone seems to be settling in for the rest of the flight, pretty quiet, lots of sleepy passengers, hopefully I will be able to sleep soon pretty exhausted. Long day still ahead for us. Adrenaline is definitely a factor here. I managed to get a little sleep, perhaps in and out of consciousness for about two hours, hard to get comfortable enough to fully rest. Lots of passengers doing laps in the Isles, stretching their cramping bodies.The pillow and blanket I had was a bit of a comfort, but 9.5 hours in the same seat is enough to do anybody's ass in.  Bring on the coffee, still 3.5 hours to go, sun is coming up and we are  just off the coast of Peru, heading into Chile. Bring on the breakfast too, all this flying makes a person hungry.  Most passengers are waking from their dormant state, sleeping isn't an option anymore at this point. Have to laugh to myself when I see  people sporting their United Airlines hair styles, pretty wild stuff. They must laugh when they see  themselves in  the lavatory mirror. Preparing my Immigration Form. Address of the Hotel we are staying at is so long, had to get another form from the steward. Write smaller lefty, swear it's the angle of the pen. Best get an opinion from the other lefty, Andy.  Think I will play a little chess on my tablet, nothing like an exciting game  of strategy to kill time
By Al

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