Monday, 12 December 2016

The Southern Road

Today we ride a short distance from the lake camp to a small village to gas up and ride to Coyhaique, and wiil continue  on to Puerto Rio Tranqillo. Couldn't ask for a better day, blue skies, no winds, and the best part no rain in sight. Three years earlier we were hammered with winds, rain and very cold temperatures. We must travel approx 325 km of gravel today, On our arrival to Coyhaique, the group splits up to do their own thing for about  an hour. Then we meet back at the bikes and  start the second leg of our journey. The winds have picked up now, and the first part of the gravel road to Puerto Rio Tranquillo, has become treacherous to say the least. Bad enough driving on gravel, but the side winds want to push us around like small branches on a tree. After about 45 min  we get into more protective
surroundings, everyone is relieved. We push on, up and over the mountain pass. Rain starts to fall, but once we started our decent it stops, we press on, soon we will be in the tiny hamlet,and home of the famous Marble Caves. Exhausted, we check into a Cabana, take showers to wash the dust off our bodies. Light the woodstove, yes, nothing like wood heat to warm ones body. Some of us get caught up on our laundry as clothing is limited. Others reorganize their gear. Another big day ahead of us tomorrow, as we will be riding another 300 km of bumpy gravel roads and crossing back into Argentina at the Cochrane Border  crossing.
Al Nino

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