Friday, 6 January 2017

A long days ride

It is going to be a very hot day of riding. Just packing up our gear puts us all into sweat mode. Hopefully we will put the majority of kilometers on early in the day, this will allow for more frequent stops later, too cool down and replenish our bodies with liquids. A couple of the riders wear camel packs, they hold 2 litres of water and continually hydrate while riding, great piece of gear.
Our plan is coming together well, by mid day we are well over half way to our destination of "San Miguel de Tucuman". The temperature is hot, 37 degrees  Celsius. With our riding gear on, it feels like 45 degrees Celsius. We will all lose weight today, maybe not a bad thing, might get a little more speed from our "Poquito Motos".
We are closing in on the city, small scooters are riding on the shoulders of the highway, lots of them, most have two riders, no helmets, all wearing shorts, tank tops, absolutely no safety gear. That is what they do, some even ride three up, which includes the baby tightly tucked in between Mom and Dad. It is Friday night and they are going out on the town. Upon our arrival  three "Amigos" get a hotel the other three "Hombres" opt for camping. The next day we will meet in the city of "Salta" and start getting used to the higher altitudes we will be encountering over the next several days.
Al Nino

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