Wednesday, 25 January 2017

January 15

Waking up in a "Desert Oasis" is quite spectacular. With dunes totally surrounding us, it is dry and hot. Water being the giver of life here, it's amazing the amount of  birds, flowers, palms etc.that thrive here. Tim and myself took a walkabout early this morning, and made arrangements for a "Dune Tour" later in the day. Pretty exciting, as we have managed to hire one that seats five plus driver. Agreed time 4:00pm, in the meantime, some hike the dunes, others swim, and of course laundry. Not really sure what to expect, the ride was crazy fun. Up and over the dunes at speeds that made one appreciate the Five Point Harness that kept us secure. The ride was filmed with our video equipment, so it should be worth a watch. We also had the opportunity to snow board down, which we did by sitting on the boards.  Later the driver let us out  just above the "Oasis" some walked into the village from there. Cash and I hiked up the other side of the large dune by our hotel, great photo opps for us, amazing views. Quite the hike as well, hiking in sand is exhausting. An early dinner is the plan, then meet by the pool lounge area to discuss the next days adventure. It will be off to "Lima" for the "Cinco Amigos" menyana.
Al Ninox

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