Friday, 6 January 2017

On the road again

What a punctual group we are, that is what our Concierge told us. How do you do it he asked. Practice I responded. He just laughed and said he really admired it. Not so much here in my country was his response.The hotel has a great front desk staff , they went above and beyond for us. Thanks to them, our stay was so much more enjoyable. We all met outside for some photos, said our goodbyes, and prepared ourselves for the onslaught of traffic. Here we go again, my white knuckle friends. Getting out of Buenos Aires is not as easy as one may think, but what the hell, oh yeah welcome to traffic hell.
After about an hour we were through the traffic and highway bound. Our goal is to make it to Santa Fe, approximately 500 kilometers from Buenos Aires. On our way Andy ran out of fuel about 10 kilometers from our next fuel stop. Fortunatley I carry a siphon tube with me. The group each offered up some gas from their tanks, which was transfered to an empty water bottle. Andy was up and running again, off we go. There was no camping in "Santa Fe", so we opted for the municipal campground in the town of "Santo Torme". Nice spot next to a river. Tonight was a true test of our gear, we experienced  severe winds, rain, lightning and thunder. Pretty noisy, so most of us had very little sleep. We left later than usual the next morning, this gave our tiny homes a chance to dry out before packing them away.
Al Nino

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