Wednesday, 25 January 2017


The "Peruvian Desert " runs along  most of the coast. From "Chile" to "Ecuador" that's a lot of sand and it is very hot and dry. Nice to be riding closer to the Ocean as the temperature has cooled somewhat. Our destination is the city of "Piura", arriving early evening we get a hotel close to the "Plaza de Armas" nice and central. Secure parking minutes away, important as most downtown Hotels don't have on site parking. It will be an early night, as we plan on hitting the road by 8:00am. Destination tomorrow, the seaside town of "Mancora". It will be a day of  rest and relaxation, as we now have put on 15,000 kilometers on our "Piquina Motos" in the past 54 days. Good news, we will meet up with Trevor as well.
Al Nino

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  1. Ah finally a post!! I have been checking every day, and begining to wonder as it has been 13 days since last post.