Wednesday, 25 January 2017

To Chimbote

Our start time has been delayed today. Andy had a tip from a local , suggested we leave between 10:00 am and noon. The traffic is best at that time, so we will not be caught in the rush. I can't Imagine how it must be early morning, because it was total chaos when we left at the suggested time. We also were pulled over by the "Moto Police" again, as we were traveling down part of the freeway that does not allow "Motos". Go to the station he told us, not likely, "Adios Copper". I guess we did not see the sign, amongst the fear of  traffic survival. Finally we were out of the city and going up the coast, only to be pulled over again, guess who was watching, our newest buddies, the police. When the rest of us pulled up, he just let them go, probably to much hassle, to check all of our credentials. Great highway and scenery on the coast, and after many  kilometers we pulled our weary asses into the city of  "Chimbote". This city was devastated in the 70's with a magnitude 7.9 earthquake. The tragedy left approximately 70,000 dead, with snow pummeling down from the mountains You can see evidence of the rebuild, as one drives through. It will be an early night, lots of riding today in heavy traffic, eating and bed, what a combo. Tomorrow we will pull off another big day,  600 kilometers to the city of "Piura". Good news, Trevor will meet us on the 20th in "Mancora"
Al Nino

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