Thursday, 12 January 2017

riding to Ollantaytambo

The weather looks good today, it's cool, but no rain. Everyone is ready prior to our agreed departure time. Good thing, as we will be putting on about 400 kilometers today. The plan is to get to "Ollantaytambo" relatively early, as we have to get to the train station and get our pre purchased boarding passes printed. About an hours ride from our destination the "GPS" puts us on a similar version of "Death Road", pretty treacherous, and of course it has to start raining. The  dips in the road are starting to fill with water, and the "Red Clay" is as slippery as ice. Soon we are relieved as the road once again turns to pavement. It is almost dark, but we arrive at our destination, manipulate the slippery cobblestone streets to the "Hospedaje" park the motos and take a cab to the train station. It is absolutely pouring rain outside. Hungry, we meet for dinner, then off to bed, as we have to be up at 4:30 am to catch the early train.
Al Nino

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