Wednesday, 25 January 2017

John leaves us

Emotions are running high this morning, we are eager to make tracks, but saying "Adios" to John is tough on all of us. Meandering our way out of "Cusco" we clear the city and head to open road. Approximately 14 kilometers out we lose sight of Andy and Trevor. Pulling over to wait, there is still no sight of them. I turn around and wait at the fork in the road. The others head back in the direction we just came from. Cash returns to my location and gives me the news. Trevor went down pretty hard, and ran into a bank on the side of the road. Andy and a stranger helped drag his bike back on the road. He limped it to a gas stop a few kilometers away. Looks like he bent his front fork, rim, and handlebars. He may also have cracked his left wrist, pretty swollen.  A young fellow offered to drive him back to "Cusco" to a clinic. Cash road Trevor’s bike very slowly back to a bike shop with Tim. Andy, Ed and I will wait  with Cash's bike and will head back to "Cusco" on his return. Several hours later Cash returns, off we go. Trevor is now at the hospital getting x rays, good news, no break just a fracture. He can't ride his bike. The day is getting late,  we will stay in "Cusco" another night, unfortunately for Trevor, he must remain behind tomorrow, wait for bike repairs and see the Dr. once more.
Al Nino

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