Friday, 6 January 2017

On to Salta

"Salta" here we come, beat the heat , let's go. New Years  in the municipal campground. Oh yeah, we all imagine how nice it will be sitting next to the pool, which just happens to be on the top ten list of the largest pools in the world. The pool takes approximately 10 days to fill, mind boggling, and has the same square footage as two "Football Fields. We get to "Salta" early, pulled off 300 kilometers pretty fast, nice ride. Andy , Tim, and John are already at the campground. Cash, Ed and myself are on the way. Following the GPS through town we are almost there, then we make a big mistake. We turn left onto a one way but the light is "Rojo" that is what the two traffic cops were yelling at us as they demanded we pull over. We pleaded our case, the policeman said in spanish at warp speed, Rojo is Rojo, International law. Ok we went through the red light but  120.00 US dollars is a little steep for a fine. We pleaded ignorance, said we do it in Canada which is actually legal, but not in Argentina apperantly. He is not budging, his younger partner checks our credentials as he walks Cash back to the scene of the crime. Upon their return , we sincerely apologize, we do not have "Mucho Denero" we explain, that is why we camp. After about 45 minutes they agree to let us go. We really appreciated our big break, we shake hands and give them a "Panamerican Rider" card. Let's get out of here asap. Soon we meet up at the campground with the others.
   Upon our arrival at the campground, the pool is still, being filled, so we will not be swimming today, maybe if we stayed another week,  it might be full enough. Not happening. That is ok, we are all together off the road, camping, and it is "New Years Eve". We all miss our families, but we have become our own little family. The "PanamericanRider" family. A gourmet camp meal is on the agenda for the evening, down some wobbly pops, sit back and reminisce about the adventure so far. Take
in the fireworks at midnight, call our families and off to bed.          "FELIZE  ANO  NUEVO"
Al Nino

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